Channel Dredging Project – Phase 2

What’s Next for the Loon Lakes Channel Dredging Project?

We are proceeding with Phase 2 of the channel dredging project and if we can make our goal, hope to start work this spring/summer.

Phase 2 will be the additional dredging or removal of accumulated sediment from the channel, and the approaches to the channel, needed to keep the channel open.  This will entail dredging the channel to a depth of 5 feet. This has been the depth of the channel in the past.

This project is important for many reasons.

  • The channel is the only outlet of water flow from West Loon Lake to East Loon Lake. To help keep the lakes healthy, this outlet must be kept open.
  • The Lakes Management Unit of the Lake County Health Department has granted LLMA with the important job of protecting and promoting the health of the Lakes. One of these duties includes harvesting exotic aquatic vegetation from the Lakes. Since the channel has been opened, the weed harvester has been able to harvest more weeds than ever before.
  • The Loon Lakes are two of the clearest lakes in Northeast Illinois. This has been verified through the Volunteer Lakes Monitoring program of the Illinois EPA.
  • The Loon Lakes are the home to 4 threatened or endangered fish species. The presence of these species is evidence of the health of the Lakes.
  • The Loon Lakes are a well-known sport fishery. The only boat launch on either lake that is open to the public is the launch on West Loon Lake. To be able to maintain this fishery, the channel must be kept open to boat traffic.
  • The channel is also important for recreational boating on both lakes.
  • The project will benefit all the users of the Lakes. This includes the property owners around the Lakes.


Why should we contribute, we don’t even have a boat? It’s not just boat owners who are affected with the channel blockage. Whether you have lake front property, lake rights, or a remote location, our property values are reduced by the reduced navigation of our lakes.

I pay enough taxes. The monies we receive from taxes, we all pay through SSA 8, is a set amount. We can and will use some of these SSA 8 funds to pay for the channel restoration, but if we use only use these funds, it will take 3 ½ to 4 more years to complete the project.

This will put more boat traffic on our lakes. The recreation boat traffic has remained relatively the same over the past several years. The restoration of the channel will encourage more anglers to use our lakes, which I think we can all agree is not objectionable boat traffic.

If you would like to make a donation to Phase 2 of the Channel Project, please make your check payable to Loon Lakes Management Association and give to your Association Director or mail to: Loon Lakes Management Association, P.O. Box 50, Antioch, Illinois 60002. For any reason, should this project not be completed, you will receive a full refund.

Thank you for your support,

The Board of Directors, LLMA

FUNDRAISING – Money for the Channel Project comes from private donations.  Our efforts will continue during the Winter months with our sale of LLMA hats and t-shirts.  An option of a sweatshirt will be added to our merchandise in Spring, 2015.  If you would like to purchase our hats or t-shirts (they would make a great Holiday present), please contact your Association Director or send your donation and request to:  Loon Lakes Management Association, P.O. Box 50, Antioch, IL 60002.  


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