Weed Harvesting Report – 2015 & Plant and Algae Updates

Weed Harvesting Report – 2015

The current weed harvesting program is being administered by Jim Dvorak and Bill Lomas. The employees of LLMA are Leo Dubrovin, Dave Macleary, Grant Feldman. Leo is the supervisor and coordinates all maintenance and scheduling of the harvester.

The weed harvesting is reported bi-monthly with employee hours and total weed harvest loads by lake area. Each lake has been divide into 7 sections. The harvester concentrates on areas determined by the Lake County Health Department with input from the LLMA weed committee. Attempts to clear pathways for boaters to access the main lake from their pier is a goal. Lake front residents can request to be put on a “no harvesting” list.

On a weekly basis, areas are visually inspected and a schedule for the following week is set. Additionally, weeds are collected weekly along roadway areas where requested. Two unforeseen factors entered into the weekly harvesting schedule. First, the dumpsite was closed for an unspecified time period after it rains, and second, and a more important issue has been dealing with the mechanical issues of a 25+ year old harvester.

The team was down almost 4 weeks out of 15 weeks because of repairs to the harvester. Even so, a total of 225 loads were taken out of both lakes, which is 23 loads more than last year. Repairs to the truck included new brakes and pads, rewiring the rear light assembly and replaced about 8 feet of grating.  Truck is 20 yrs. old and the crew is taking care of it as needed. Leo has permission to use the truck during the winter to just keep it in running order.

This year the harvester had major electrical problems and kept overheating. In addition, the three cams froze and the harvester was towed to shore. It was estimated the engine could be repaired for $5,000 or a brand new engine would be $12,000. A new mechanic, Dwight, found a replacement engine on Craig’s List and bought it for $500. After testing, the new engine ran perfectly, but it required all new wiring. The total bill including labor was $1500. Jim does not anticipate problems next year, only minor welding and the replacement of a few hydraulic lines.

The harvesting crew took more loads this year than last year, even with the down days. The harvester committee will be about $500 under budget this year. Everyone is coming back next year. The crew has become very efficient and we would like to extend our thanks and praise to the hard working crew for their efforts.

The total harvester hours and loads are as follows: 2014 hours equal 743 and loads equal 204 (year to date). 2013 hours were 1267 and loads were 192. Herbicidal treatment was used in 2013. It was decided by LLMA not to use herbicidal treatment in 2014. The board is currently evaluating herbicidal treatment for the 2015 year.

Plant and Algae Report

The Lake County Health Department reported on the EWM Rake Density Report and was surprised by the heavy milfoil changes where the treatments took place in 2013. Based on the maps, a report will be submitted by next month to help us determine what our treatment plan of action will be next year regarding the milfoil.

East Loon Lake EWM Plant Density Area for 2013
East Loon Lake EWM Plant Density Area for 2014


If you have any questions or suggestions about managing weeds in our lakes, please e-mail us at:  weedteam@loonlakemgmt.com