Click On The Image Above To See A Map Of East And West Loon Lakes

Don’t know what Association you belong to? Check out our Associations Map on the link below. Note: Boundaries are approximate.

LLMA Associations Map


To learn more about weed infestation in East and West Loon Lakes, view these Maps created by the Lakes Management Unit of the Lake County, IL Health Department.


2018 East Loon Lake EWM Treatment Site

2018 East Loon Lake Post Treatment Bio Volume

2018 West Loon Lake Chemical Treatment Site

2015 East Loon Lake Proposed Treatment Site Map

2013 EWM and Rake Survey Maps of East Loon Lake

2013 East Loon Lake EWM Survey
2013 East Loon Lake Aquatic Rake Survey

2012 Bathymetric Maps of East Loon Lake

2012 East Loon Lake EWM Plant Density
2012 East Loon Lake Aquatic Plant Density

2008 Bathymetric Maps Of East And West Loon Lakes

2008 East Loon Lake Bathymetric Map

2008 West Loon Lake Bathymetric Map