Boating Safety


In the 2019 Season, each Association will post “NO WAKE” Signs in prominent places in their Associations.  A “NO WAKE” announcement will also be posted to this website.

Please Observe these No Wake Signs!!
These signs are not to inconvenience you, but to avoid erosion and prevent further damage to piers that are underwater due to heavy rains and flooding.

It is also a safety measure to help boaters avoid partially submerged debris that may be floating unseen in the water. When disturbed, a full body of water, even a small one, has the potential for surprisingly powerful waves that can hit the shoreline causing damage.

Good Boating

Boating safety is not just a concern for emergency situations. Please observe proper boating procedures whenever you are boating. These rules were created not only to ensure the safety of the boat and its passengers, but also the safety of others using the lake. Be aware and courteous to others on the lake.

Do You Know?

Not sure about boating rules? Or do you have someone in the family who wants to take the wheel but is inexperienced? An Illinois Boating Safety course is available online.

Persons at least 12 years old but less than 18 years old may operate a motorized vessel, including a personal watercraft, only if they complete a boating safety course and possess a boating safety education card accepted by the Department of Natural Resources or if they are accompanied by and under the direct control of a parent, a guardian, or a person at least 18 years old designated by the parent or guardian.  Persons 18 years old or older are not subject to operator age restrictions.  Not carrying your Boater Education Card when one is required can result in a fine.

Illinois Online Safety Boating Course

With this safe boating course, you’ll be on the water with your Illinois boater education certificate in just a few fun hours. This official online course has the same boating safety content as the Illinois Department of Natural Resources classroom course. It’s interactive and puts you in the drivers seat!

Pay $29.50—one time only, after you pass. You can take the test as many times as you want.

Boat Insurance Savings

Even if you aren’t required to get your boating license, it may be a financial benefit to do so. Many insurance companies offer discounts on boat and personal watercraft insurance to those who have completed this course!

Need More Information?

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or go directly to their web site here: www.Boat-Ed.Com/Illinois