The Association

logoproIn the late 1970’s The Loon Lakes Management Association was formed by a group of volunteer homeowners who owned properties around East and West Loon Lakes.  They came together for the purpose of handling any concerns they had regarding the lakes.  In 1989 a Special Service Tax Area (SSA) was set up for the purpose of providing funding for the care and maintenance of the lakes.  The Loon Lakes Management Association, by then representing all property owners in subdivisions around the lake, was named to work in a stewardship role with the SSA.  Today, the objectives of the Loon Lake Management Association are to provide a coordinated and unified effort for the implementation of policies and programs for the long-term management, restoration and protection of East and West Loon lakes in Antioch, IL, including the management of the lakes’ watersheds and other natural resources and manmade features within the defined SSA area. The LLMA works together with the Illinois Department of Resources and the Lake County Lakes Management Unit toward these goals.

Don’t know what Association you belong to? Check out our Association Map on the link below. Note: Boundaries are approximate.

Loon Lakes Management Associations Map